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The Lost Art of Automated Email Sequences


The fortune is in the follow-up.
You’re leaving money on the table.

I’m sure we’ve all heard these things in relation to our businesses.

The problem is – we can’t be in two places at once.

As much as we’d like to individually message every single person that ever commented on our posts or attended one of our live masterclasses – people are going to fall through the cracks.

Not to mention the fact, some of us just don’t like to be messaged and aren’t going to reply back! I might buy from you – but it’s not going to be because of a message you sent me.

I know that social selling works. Don’t get me wrong. But DMs are absolutely not the only way to make a sale. And if that’s your only strategy, you’re going to burn yourself out in no time or have to hire a hefty team of sales reps.

What if I told you that it actually is possible to be in two places at once?

Enter the automated email sequence. (If text message marketing is more your thing, you could use automated sequences there too!).

An automated email sequence kicks out when someone takes an action.

Here are a few examples of places you could use an automated email sequence:

1 – After opting in for a freebie

2 – After someone makes a purchase

3 – After opting in for a challenge

4 – After joining your Facebook group

5 – After attending a conversion event

6 – After abandoning their cart

7 – After filling out an application

8 – After a discovery call

Honestly, there are so many more places you could add automated email sequences, but this is a good start and you probably get the idea.

The bottom line is this – when someone signs up for your email list in any kind of way, you don’t just want the old confirmation email and leave it at that. When someone opts in for something, it’s an opportunity for you to offer value, build your authority, and connect with your audience – on autopilot. Without the DMs.

People usually discover that they need these sequences after they’ve grown significantly but still aren’t really getting the sales that they want. As you grow, automation becomes essential because it allows you to be in more than one place at a time.

A great place to get started with this is a simple welcome sequence for people who opt into your email list.

A welcome sequence is typically about 5 emails long – but there are also people that have welcome sequences that last a year. Decide what works best for you and start small. You can always add more emails later.

Here’s what I would include in your welcome sequence:

1 – Delivery of whatever was promised (registration, freebie, etc.)

2 – Your story with a call to action for them to tell you their story

3 – Valuable content (blog post, video, podcast episode, etc.)

4 – Invitation to connect on different platforms

5 – Set expectations and offer a call or a one time only offer

If you set up your welcome series correctly, you should actually get replies! If you’re not, re-tweak until you are.

After you set up your welcome sequence, look for other places where you could insert an automated email sequence. These sequences will build your relationship with your audience and eventually get people to start purchasing from you without even launching.

Do you have a welcome sequence set up yet? If so, are you getting replies?

Join us in the Launch Lab Facebook group and let us know!

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