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The Power of Quiz Funnels


There is no better lead generation tool than a quiz funnel.

Yep, that’s a bold statement but it’s true.

There is one caveat though – in order for a quiz funnel to really work for your business (by creating revenue), you must have multiple offers. Or at least – multiple paths for someone to go down.

If that seems confusing, bear with me – it will make more sense as we dive in a little deeper.

Here are the three reasons why quiz funnels are the best lead generation tool for your business:

1 – Quizzes are interactive.

It’s harder than ever to capture people’s attention nowadays.

96% of people who take an online quiz finish it. That’s staggering considering that the majority of people who download free things often never even open the delivery email.

Guides, checklists, and other types of lead magnets can be very highly converting, but it requires people to use them. With a quiz, your lead takes the quiz and they get their result – all in one sitting.

2 – Quizzes are appealing

I don’t know about you, but I rarely download freebies anymore. It has to be something really incredible for me to download it. I, like the majority of the world, have so many other things to do – it doesn’t seem worth bothering with.

This is the problem when you create any type of lead magnet. I coach so many people through making one and then they tell me that they can’t get anyone to sign up for it, despite promoting it everywhere.

In order for a traditional lead magnet like a guide to take off, it needs to be super appealing. It needs to have an incredible title that describes the transformation people get and truly be something that your ideal client can’t live without. That’s hard. It’s doable – but it is definitely hard.

Quizzes are entirely different. They have appeal built-in. If you couple that with a title that really speaks to your ideal client, it’s a no-brainer for them to opt in.

3 – The most important one! Getting to know your audience

This is the most important reason a quiz is so effective.

If you structure your quiz effectively, you can learn what your audience needs – and offer it to them. Typically, I don’t recommend people sell in their welcome sequence unless it’s near the end and is something that would appeal to their whole audience.

With a quiz – you know what they want. You know where they are at in their journey. So, figuring out the next step is a whole lot easier.

Here’s an example. Let’s say I build a quiz for new entrepreneurs. When I create my questions, I can figure out things like:

Their budget/willingness to invest
The time they have
Their desire to get results
What step of the journey they are in
By learning these things, I could choose to:

Send them to consume more of my free content (if they have no budget)
Send them to a specific product/service I have depending on where they are at in the business development journey
This is why I mentioned a quiz is truly effective when you have multiple offers. If you have multiple offers, you can create questions that will lead them to the offer that you have that will work for them.

Once you determine the path they need to be on, you can send custom email sequences to nurture them into the right offer!

Can you see why I love quizzes so much? Do you have a quiz in place for your business?

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