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Traffic – It’s Not Just for Launches


There are 4 main parts to every funnel.

By “funnel”, I mean how we are bringing people to you/your service.

Those three parts are:


There are a lot of different statistics out there on how many touches it takes to take a person from Awareness to Action. It used to be 8-12, but now most people believe it’s above 20.

Above 20! Think about that. A person needs to come into contact with you or your content up to 20 times before they take an action.

And here’s the thing – that action might not even be purchasing. It could just be signing up for your email list. Yikes.

This means that you need to be building your audience at all times – not just when you are launching. When we are prepping for a launch, we become hyper-aware of our need for traffic. It becomes panicky. After all, you need so many registrants for your conversion event to get the outcome you want, right?

Audience building means a whole lot more than posting on social media. Let’s face it – the chances of someone seeing your social media post are LOW. Yeah, I know that sucks but you know it’s true. How often do you see people’s posts? It’s like the luck of the draw anymore.

Here are 4 things you can do to start creating a steady stream of traffic to your business:

1 – Be visible on multiple social media platforms

This is an easy one, and honestly, most of us are. You want to be on multiple social media platforms simply to increase the odds of people seeing your posts. No matter what platform you’re on, be sure to use all different types of media – carousel posts, videos, text posts, polls – all the things.

Most importantly, though – make sure you’re showing up live on several platforms during the week. Live video creates a different type of connection. The type of connection that makes people more likely to purchase from you! You can use multi-streaming platforms like Streamyard and Restream to accomplish this without having to be showing up 24/7.

2 – Use Google

Yes – I know that Google is a long-term strategy. For this reason, most people don’t bother. But let me tell you, long-term strategy is the BEST strategy. Even if it takes a year or more to really start working – when people are able to find you without you having to take extra effort, that’s just magic, right?

So, what do I mean by Google? I mean blog posts. YouTube. Anything that you can do to show up in Google’s search engine.

I don’t know about you, but when I need something – I either Google it or YouTube it. Whatever shows up on that first page – I’m all over it. So, showing up on that first page of Google for whatever it is that you do needs to be a top priority.

3 – Embrace email marketing

Email is not dead. In fact, email open rates are higher right now than they have been in two years.

If you are not consistently emailing your list, you are missing out. You do not want to get to the point where you are only emailing your list when you are trying to sell something. That’s just not the way to do this. It’s not what you do on social media, so why would you do that to your email list?

Make sure that you have a stellar welcome sequence in place when people join your list – whether it’s through a freebie, joining your Facebook group, or signing up for a challenge. The best email lists I’ve seen are the ones that won’t even send promotional emails to their audience until they’ve been through that welcome sequence!

4 – Start a podcast

People are listening to audio more than ever before. This is likely because we are always on the go and it’s easier to listen to content than to watch it. This isn’t anything that is going to change anytime soon – audio is here for the long haul.

What most people don’t realize is that when you set up a podcast, you can categorize it and tag it. You can use tags per episode as well as for your podcast overall. Tags are just keywords that describe your podcast episode.

If you have the right tags in place, people will be able to find you when they are searching through Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify – whatever podcast platform they use.

The bottom line is – the more you focus on growing your audience outside of launches, your launches will be easier and more profitable – because you will already have people there, ready to listen.

When we try to build our audience only when we’re launching, we’re trying to take them from Awareness to Action (remember our four-step funnel?) too quickly. They have to experience those 20 touches to get to that point.

None of these strategies is something that will get you instant results. There isn’t a strategy like that out there – you have to put time, effort, and consistency into it to see results.

How are you building your audience between launches?

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